Yes, you CAN do  a Tour and a Workshop on the same day
at MPMA's 2013 Conferenc

On the first day of the conference, you can do a morning workshop AND jump aboard a bus for a 1/2 day tour.  And it will give you a chance to combine training with seeing the sights.  Isn't that what you want to do??? 

Choose from 3 morning workshops:

*Conservation Assessment of Paintings

*Mountmaking 101

*Emergency Preparedness


Then board the bus for the Agri-Art Tour.  You'll be back by 4 pm in time for all the Evening fun.


TakeThe Tour:

Agri-Art will take you to one of the cutest historic towns in Nebraska:  David City.  There you will be introduced to the incomparable Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art which features a really wonderful painter:  Dale Nichols.   This museum's publications have won MANY awards and its collections have been featured at the Georgia Museum of Art. There is a reason why this place has outstanding exhibits that you will want to see.  Plus, the town will turn out to greet you with a homemade meal that will include pies!!!!  For a half day, this will be TONS of fun and loaded with things and places to see.


If you would like to add this to your existing registration, contact MPMA at  

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