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Committees, Affinities and SPCs

Affinity Committees are groups with a common professional affinity that represent specific disciplines within the museum profession. They provide a network for people with common interests and similar professional positions. Standing Professional Committees (SPCs) are affinity groups that meet specific requirements to have a vote on the MPMA board.

Affinity Committees and SPCs provide MPMA members a chance to gather in a small group with like-minded professionals who do the same thing. For example, those who belong to MPMA NAME (National Association of Museum Exhibition) meet exhibits designers and techies from ten different states and find out about their projects, where they buy exhibit-related items, and what their opinion is on the latest exhibit issues. MPMA’s groups operate informally and formally, provide a means by which colleagues can network and discuss issues AND are open to all MPMA members. Affinity groups typically gather annually at the MPMA Annual Conference and are in contact with each other throughout the year.

Feel free to attend these groups’ meetings at the next MPMA conference. You will find that they are your ticket to getting to know others around the region who do what you do. For more information, call or email the contact people listed below to find out more about the group (or groups) that interests you.

MPMA SPCs and Affiliate Committees offer opportunities to network with colleagues from similar professional backgrounds. SPCs are Standing Professional Committees which have a vote on the MPMA board.


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