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Membership Dues:  To renew or join, you can pay online:  determine your dues amount, then go to PayPal.



• Free job postings on the MPMA website*

* Conference Registration Discount

• Discounts on MPMA's Three Cooperative Programs

     1. Purchasing CO-OP - collections-care items   

     2. Discount Insurance Progam

     3. Discount Museum Storage Equipment Program


Institutional Membership 

Click here for membership form

Institutional membership fees are based on the size of an organization's operating budget.

Institutional Budget             Annual Dues

  •  Below $50,000                         $ 50   
  •  $50,000 - $149,999                  $125      
  •  $150,000 - $499,999                $200      
  •  $500,000 - $999,999                $300      
  •  1 million - $2,499,999              $375      
  •  $2.5 million - 4.5 million          $450  
  •  $5 million and above                $550     

Staff Benefits: Institutional members may be eligible to receive more than one newsletter and to have more than one staff member on MPMA's E-News Service. Just provide MPMA with names and addressees (mail and email) of staff.  We suggest you designate a staff member as MPMA Membership Coordinator to coordinate this. Number of newsletter and emails is based upon the dues your institution pays.

$50                  1 staff to receive email alerts/newsletter

$125-$300      2 staff to receive email alerts/newsletter

$375-$450      3 staff to receive email alerts/newsletter

$550               4 staff to receive email alerts/newsletter


Satellite Institutional Membership

Click here for membership form

The Parent Museum that is an MPMA Institutional Member may have each of its satellite museums added as a Satellite Institutional Member with a $25 payment for each institution. The Satellite Museums may use the Purchasing Co-op and have the newsletter, email alerts and other electronic products sent to one designated staff member.



University Membership

Click here for membership form

Tailored to graduate programs and students enrolled in a museum-related program (e.g., art, museum studies, history, anthropology, etc.).

  • $150 for up to 10 students  
  • $225 for up to 15 students  
  • $300 for up to 20 students
  • $15   each  for each additional student over 20  
  • $50   each for University-owned  museum to be added to the University Membership (museum must be affiliated with University’s Museum Program)

 University Membership Benefits:

  • MPMA’s e-Newsletter and e-news updates for each student
  • One free ad / year in MPMA Newsgram promoting Museum Program
  • Student rate conference fee
  • Purchasing CO-OP privileges for program
  • Program administrator (1) joins for free  (serves as main contact, provides current student contacts, has same benefits as Individual Member)

To pay online:  determine your dues amount, then go to PayPal.

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