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Member Get a New Member Campaign


Help us build the future of our profession together.

All MPMA members are encouraged to participate in MPMA’s program: “Member Get a NEW Member”


If you get a new member to sign up you can earn free: 

  • Memberships
  • Conference Registration
  • Conference Tours and Workshops
  • Conference Meals

“Member Get a NEW Member”

Help us build the future of our profession together.

All MPMA members are encouraged to participate in MPMA’s program: “Member Get a NEW Member”

If you get a new member to sign up, then you get FREEBIES.

You can earn a free Conference Registration, Membership, etc., through our Incentive Program.

You’ve seen first-hand the value in MPMA membership.  Now, share that value and your stories of MPMA with colleagues, student and friends. Through our “Member Get a NEW Member” campaign, you can become an advocate of MPMA, helping to recruit new members and encouraging previous members to come back. Our goal is to grow our membership for the future!

Why is membership growth important? MPMA strives to develop a variety of programs and certifications at our conferences for all our members. MPMA provides training and networking opportunities through conferences to get our members connected, informed and engaged. Through increased membership participation, we can do even more to help our members.

How the Campaign works:

Tell your friends and colleagues about the benefits of MPMA.  Simply encourage them to join online.  They can print an invoice and mail the payment to the MPMA office or pay online.  Be sure they include your name as the referrer on the application so that you can earn points towards our Incentive Program.

“Member Get a NEW Member” Incentives:

(1 point) Free conference meal (value $30)

(2 points) Free individual membership (value $ 45)                                            

(2 points) Free conference tour/workshop (value $ 40)

(3 points) Free institutional/university/business membership (value up to $150)

(4 points) One Free Basic conference registration (value $250)

Point Values:

New Individual members worth 1 point

New Institutions/Businesses/Academic worth 2 points.


Contest dates run annually from November 1 to September 1.

To receive your points for new members, they must add your name in the Referred By field in the membership application.

To receive points for signing up expired members, they must be expired for at least six months.

recruitment tips:

  • Identify the best prospects. Review your network of professional colleagues and identify who could benefit from MPMA membership.
  • Know the benefits of membership. Review the About and Membership pages to provide prospects with more information about MPMA and membership benefits.
  • Give examples. Provide your colleague with examples of how your MPMA membership has benefitted you in your career. A positive testimonial can be a great recruitment tool!
  • Invite your prospects to an upcoming conference.
  • Close with a plan of action. Walk them through the process of applying for membership. As you know, this is VERY easy to do.  Direct them to apply online.  
  • Follow up. Check back in a few weeks to see whether they have joined and ask if they have any questions.

Questions? Contact MPMA's office at or 440-812-7221.

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